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Spokane Grass Fed Beef
Spokane Grass Fed Beef
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Beef Deposit


2019 Prices:

Quarter- $3.65/lb (100-125 lbs)

Half- $3.50/lb (200-250 lbs)

Whole- $3.35/lb (400-500 lbs)

Beef is charged on the hanging weight. Customer pays the cut and wrap charge separately to the butcher, Quadra-K. You can contact Quadra-K for current cut and wrap charges at (509) 624-9760. After you place your deposit, we will contact you with your butcher date. If you place a very early deposit, we may not have a butcher date scheduled until the spring. Beef will be ready starting in July and will run through the fall.

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Our beef will be ready starting the first week of July and then we will butcher approximately every two weeks through early fall. Once you place your deposit, we will schedule you on our next available butcher date. We only butcher when the cattle are on high quality green pasture to ensure that the meat has the highest possible level of Omega-3 fatty acids. 

Prices: Quarter $3.65/lb (100-125 lbs), Half $3.50/lb (200-250 lbs), Whole $3.35/lb (400-500 lbs). These weight ranges are approximate and we cannot guarantee a particular hanging weight. Prices are based on the hanging weight. You will pay cut and wrap separately to the butcher, which is approximately $.75/lb. (Full pricing information on the butcher's website.) There will be a 20-30% shrink between hanging weight and your take-home weight. This is because moisture is lost during the hanging process, and bones, trim, and fat are taken out during the cut and wrap process. Your cut and wrap instructions will have an impact on how much shrink there is in your final take-home weight. Please note that custom cut and wrap orders are not available on quarters. Here is a standard breakdown of a half beef (divide in two to figure out what you get for a quarter.)