The New Cowgirl Camp is a 5 day intensive course for women of any age interested in getting started in Holistic Management and ranching. It is held annually at the Lazy R Ranch and is co-facilitated by Beth Robinette and Sandra Matheson, DVM.

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THe changing face of agriculture

As the average age of farmers and ranchers continues to rise, there is tremendous opportunity for new land managers to bring a holistic paradigm to the worlds’ grasslands. We believe future land managers should be as diverse as the pastures they manage! This camp is specifically geared towards opening up the world of animal agriculture for women, but we also offer New Rancher Camp, which is open to all.

No question too big or too small

The New Cowgirl Camp is taught by veterans and is geared towards beginners. However, we think every woman would benefit from a little New Cowgirl energy. Our expert instructors are ready to tackle the most basic questions (“What’s a heifer?”) to the more advanced, (“How do I reposition a breached calf?”) We know folks come to this work from all backgrounds. We will meet you where you are and figure out how to help you get where you want to be.

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Build your skills

At New Cowgirl Camp you will learn a mix of hands-on technical skills and planning and decision-making procedures. We try to balance teaching the WHY and the HOW. You will understand WHY it is important to create a grazing plan or to monitor your pasture. You will also learn HOW to do these things in the field. Other topics covered include: low stress livestock handling, fencing and facilities, animal husbandry, managing for resilience, farm business management, and leadership and change making.

Create the future you desire

Whether you dream of a small homestead, covering big country on horseback herding thousands of animals, or disrupting the food, fiber, and fashion industries through sourcing from regenerative ranches, our aim is that you leave the New Cowgirl Camp ready to create the future you desire! We will give you tools to move you towards your goals, and you will leave camp with an action plan for how to move forward!